YouNG Goes Further Project

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  • MCAST, Malta
  • NGi, United Kingdom
  • ZSL, Poland
  • Pedal, Slovakia
  • JA Bulgaria, Bulgaria

Intellectual Outputs

Output 1 – YouNG Goes Mainstream
Partner Countries will identify 4 different subject areas taught at EQF Levels 2 and 3 and produce teaching and learning resources based on the setting up of a business at a local market. Teaching and learning resources will include: lesson plans, teaching resources to explain what the YouNG Market is, variety of tasks /worksheets/exercises for students to use, model answers for tasks/worksheets/ exercises, reference to the curriculum specification and links to work and relevant careers.

Output 2 – YouNG Goes SEND (Special Education Needs and Disabilities)
The activity will focus on producing a programme that will support either students at SEND schools or those who have little self-belief and therefore low career aspirations to participate in the YouNG Market programme. The output targets students, parents / legal guardians and educators. The unit of learning developed will be 8 hours for students and 2 hours for parents / legal guardians.

Output 3 – YouNG Goes Teacher Training
This output focuses on the development of a short, intensive teacher training programme so that they can support and deliver YouNG Markets, learning how to deliver enterprise education. Teachers will also receive a toolkit that sets out what to do and how to do it.

Output 4 – YouNG Goes Employer Mentoring
The idea of this output is to build a high-quality mentoring scheme using business volunteers since these will be working with students while they prepare their business idea.

Output 5 – YouNG Goes Summer Camp
This activity will see the development of a five-day programme finishing with students running a market stall on a real-life local market. The YouNG Market programme will also include the preparation of a digital CV.

Output 6 – YouNG Goes to Work
The partners will design a varied work experience based upon developing employability, enterprise skills and global skills. The project will set out work experiences in each country.


 October 2018 – 1st Transnational Meeting – Bratislava, Slovakia
During the second week of October, Dr Nadia Maria Vassallo and Mr Kenny Muscat, from the Curriculum Department, attended the 1st transnational meeting of the YouNG Goes Further Project, which is funded by Erasmus+. This meeting enabled partners from Malta, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Poland to get to know each other and to discuss the way forward on this project which aims to instil entrepreneurial skills to EQF Level 1 to 3 students. The 30- month project will see the partners working together to develop learning and teaching material, develop programme to provide support to vulnerable students, organise training for staff, train business mentors, organise a summer camp for students and also provide a working opportunity for students.


February 2019 – Teacher Training – Nottingham, United Kingdom
Between the 11th and 12th February, Dr Nadia Maria Vassallo and Mr Kenny Muscat attended a YouNG Goes Further Training Event covering the work developed by NGi to deliver Intellectual Output 2 of the YouNG Goes Further project. The event made it possible for all partners to experience the training to be provided to students and their parents and/or legal guardians.

March 2019 – 2nd Transnational Meeting – Nottingham, United Kingdom
On the 18th and 19th March 2019, Mr Kenny Muscat and Mr Duncan Vella, from the Curriculum Department at MCAST, attended the 2nd transnational meeting of the  YouNG Goes Further Project, which is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

The meeting took place in Nottingham, United Kingdom and enabled partners from Malta, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Poland to review ongoing progress of the first two intellectual outputs. The partners also discussed the way forward on this project which aims to instil entrepreneurial skills to EQF Level 1 to 3 students. This project which is at its 6-month mark has seen the partners working together to develop learning and teaching material involving key skills embedded with enterprise skills. The lessons are currently being piloted with Level 2 and Level 3 MCAST students.


March and April 2019 – Enterprise Skills Works – Intellectual Output 1
Between March and April 2019, MCAST lecturers delivered four workshops on Enterprise Skills: two targeted at Level 2 students and another two targeted at Level 3 students. The workshops were practical and feedback provided by students was most encouraging.

May 2019
On Monday 27th May lecturers from the Learning Support Unit delivered a workshop to parents and legal guardians of students following the Level 1 Awards in Office Skills, Hospitality and Retail as part of the YouNG Goes Further project. The Erasmus+ project aims to instill enterprise skills among young students with fewer opportunities. The Learning Support Unit is currently working on the 2nd intellectual output of the project where students will undergo a process to work on self-awareness, resilience, confidence, self-esteem and social awareness. Parents and legal guardians were informed about this process and encouraged to consolidate this at home.

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June 2019
On Tuesday 11th June 2019, MCAST had the opportunity to present work done on Entrepreneurship to a delegation from UNEVOC within UNESCO. During the presentation, work done as part of the Erasmus+ YouNG Goes Further project was also discussed. The delegation showed interest on this project mostly since vulnerable students are also reached through this project.

In the second week of June, Mr. Ranier Bonnici represented MCAST in a peer review at ZsL in Poznan, Poland. In this, peer review, representatives from all the project partners had the opportunity to meet stakeholders of Intellectual Outputs 1 and 2. The peer review team met with teaching staff, students, parents, and industry partners to evaluate the program content and delivery. The peer review team eventually presented the SWOT analysis findings’ to the school headmaster.

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