Tender date: 2017-12-21

    Status: Awarded



    The Principal of the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology notifies that electronic tender in respect of the following notice will be received on the day and date indicated below. Tenders are to be submitted online ONLY on http://www.etenders.gov.mt. Up to 10:00a.m. on Monday 8th January 2018 MEDE/MPU/MCAST/010/17 Tender for MCAST Part Time Courses Prospectus for March and September 2018/2019/2020. MCAST reserves the right to accept or refuse in part or in whole, any or all tenders submitted. MCAST Main Campus Corradino Hill, Paola PLA 9032, Malta Tel: 2398 7100 Fax: 2398 7316 Email:tenders@mcast.edu.mt Website: www.mcast.edu.mt


    Mediatoday Co. Ltd ID - 86382 €218,400.00 Gutenberg Press Ltd ID- 86331 €62,700.00 Velprint Ltd. ID - 86280 €109,200.00 Natale Letizia ID-86233 €6,333,600.00