Tender date: 2013-06-10

    Status: Awarded


    Description: The system should comprise two PABX systems complemented with VOIP digital extensions for the remote sites. The system should also introduce a single voice network to the College integrating all the offices at the nine sites into a single network. The offer must also incorporate the ARS for mobile gateway with ISDN connectivity complemented with Direct Dialing In facilities. Interested parties may request further information from the Office of the Administrative Director. Proposals, including costs and other relevant information, are to be submitted in a sealed envelope, marked EXP 03/04 Telephone System, to the Administrative Director at the address below by Monday 22nd March 2004 at noon. Late offers will not be accepted. The College reserves the right to refuse any or all offers, even the most advantageous.

    1. Panta Marketing and Services Ltd.

    2. Retina Telecommunications Co. Ltd.

    3. BDS Ltd.

    4. Comsec Ltd.

    5. JRD Systems Ltd.

    6. Allcom