Tender date: 2013-06-10

    Status: Awarded (part)


    Description: The MCAST Board of Governors invite Audit firms and practitioners to submit quotations to act as auditors of the College. Further information can be obtained by collecting a free information document from the Accounts Department at the address below from 0830 hrs to 1200 hrs and from 1400hrs to 1600 hrs. Interested parties should submit their detailed quotations in the appropriate tender box by not later than Monday 14 August 2006 at 1400hrs. Late offers will not be accepted. The College reserves the right to refuse any or all offers, even the most advantageous.

    Grant Thornton ADT Turner & Associates DG Associates PKF Malta Moove Stephens RS Attard & Co Malta Ernst & Young RSM Malta MGI Malta Attard Giglio & Co Jes Pace & Co BDO Attard Buttigieg Psaila & Co