Tender date: 2013-06-10

    Status: Awarded


    Description: The appointed firm/representative would act as a mediator between the organisation and other parties on the subject of Data Protection. The representative would perform regular audits to ensure that the processing of data is carried out in a correct and lawful manner. The representative will make recommendations to implement procedures and other measures to safeguard personal data. Proposals including fees and other relevant information, are to be submitted to the Administrative Director, MCAST Main Campus, Corradino Hill, Paola, by not later than Monday, 16th February 2004 at noon. Late offers will not be accepted. The College reserves the right to refuse any or all offers, even the most advantageous.

    1. Grech Vella Tortell and Hyzler Advocates

    2. BCGL Advocates

    3. Mario Frendo

    4. Dr. Lynn Zahra Advocates

    5. Dr. Joseph Tabone Notary Public

    6. Mamo TCV Advocates

    7. Josette Sultana

    8. Deloitte

    9. CDF Advocates

    10. Erremme Business Advisors

    11. Fenlex Corporate Services Ltd.

    12. Price WaterHouse Coopers

    13. E-Tech Ltd.

    14. Dr. Desiree Cassar

    15. Ernst and Young Ltd.

    16. Data Tech Risk Management Solutions

    17. KPMG Advisory Services

    18. Shield Security Consultants