Tender date: 2013-06-10

    Status: Awarded (part)


    Description: The Principal of the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology notifies that offers from interested parties will be received for: MCAST T. 06/11 Tender for the Supply, Delivery and Installation of Interactive Whiteboards Tender documents may be collected from the Accounts Department from Monday to Friday, from 08:30hrs to 12:00hrs, and from 14:00hrs to 16:00hrs, against a fee of €50. Tenders should be placed in the pre-addressed envelope and deposited in the appropriate tender box at the Administration Building, at the address below, by no later than Monday 30 May 2011 at 14:00hrs. MCAST reserves the right to accept or refuse in part or in whole, any or all tenders submitted.

    Joseph Vincenti & Co Option 1
    Item A €1025.00
    Item B €1704.00

    Joseph Vincenti & Co Option 2
    Item A €746.35
    Item B €1376.00

    Advanced Telecommunication Systems Co Ltd
    Item A €597.00
    Item B €1401.00

    Compunet Ltd
    Item A €1270.00
    Item B €1930.00

    Ignazio Anastasi Ltd
    Item A €1076.75
    Item B €2378.53

    ALFA Co Ltd
    Item A €850.00
    Item B €1880.00

    Doneo Co Ltd
    Item A €1784.00
    Item B €2457.00

    Island Engineering Technology Ltd
    Item A €649.50
    Item B €1529.00

    FGL Information Technolocy Ltd
    Item A €950.00
    Item B €2370.00

    Strand Electronics Ltd
    Item A €926.30
    Item B €2236.10

    Audio Visual Centre Ltd
    Item A €679.00
    Item B €1399.00

    Trademargin Ltd
    Item A €1175.00
    Item B €2170.00

    Computer Domain Services Ltd
    Item A €1237.00
    Item B €2000.00

    All prices inclusive of VAT