Tender date: 2013-06-10

    Status: Awarded (part)


    Description: A fee of Lm 10 should be paid for the tender document. The tender document may be collected from the Accounts Department at the address below from 8.30am to 12.00 noon and from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. All tenders are to be submitted to the Administrative Director at MCAST Main Campus. The tender documents will be opened on Monday, 9th February 2004 at 12.30pm at the address below. Late offers will not be accepted. The College reserves the right to refuse any or all offers, even the most advantageous.

    1. Easy Bind - Lm13,484

    2. Communicate Creative Ltd. - Lm14,500

    3. JP Advertising Ltd. - Lm14,756

    4. Manifesto - Lm24,387.65

    5. Offset Press Ltd. - No Global Sum

    6. Gutenberg - Lm8,960

    7. David Moore Holdings Ltd. - No Global Sum

    8. Logix - Lm18,765

    9. SRT Press - Lm18,000

    10. PrintIt - Lm11,316.60

    11. Associated News Group Ltd. - Lm17,527.72