Course Code TI5-01-18
MQF Level Level 6
Duration 9 Months
Awarding Body MCAST
Entry Requirements Degree in Nursing Studies/Healthcare/Care or any other related subject.
Other Entry Requirements Applicants must have working experience and/or training in the health and social care sector to possess prior knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of working in health and social care environments.
Course Description This course provides students who aim to work in the health and social care field with the theoretical, management and research skills required to understand the psychological and emotional factors related to health and social care as well as their effects on quality, outcomes and performance. Students will explore psychological processes and develop strategies to effectively cater for the needs and wellbeing of health and social care patients and clients within the workplace. They will be exposed to the application of emotional intelligence when dealing with different situations, good quality management as well as the use of ethical considerations when making decisions that will impact clients’ wellbeing. The course also includes a research component that will enable students to conduct a small-scale study within the field of health and social care. The course allows students to develop their knowledge of approaches in psychology. Students will be able to demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge to understand emotional intelligence and its relevance to the health and social care setting. The course gives the opportunity to master working knowledge of the principles and practice of quality management and governance in the health and social care environment. It allows the student to develop knowledge of issues related to working in addictive behaviour environments. Ethical issues and advanced English are also tackled in this course.
Programme Learning Outcomes
  • Apply theoretical knowledge acquired to practice in a health and social care environment.
  • Adopt a wide range of strategies to ensure the overall wellbeing of service users within a health care setting.
  • Ensure good quality and service management in health and social care settings.
  • Conduct research in relation to a specific area within the field of health care or community care.


Core Study Units
  • Psychological Wellbeing
  • Developing Emotional intelligence
  • Governance and Quality Management
  • Working in Addictive Behaviour Environments
  • Ethical Issues and Decision Making
  • English Advanced
  • Research Project

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