(Creazione di un Centro di Ricerca Italo-Maltese per la Sostenibiltà Ambientale e le Fonti Rinnovabili)

    The Research Centre will aim to analyze the innovative solutions of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), particularly addressed to the clusters of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the local authorities. The Centre will provide an effective support to enterprises oriented to the transfer and the development of innovative renewable energy technologies, a technical and scientific support for the eco-design and the technological innovation of low impact products and services; a support to the local authorities in the definition of sustainable planning tool in urban context. The Centre will represent an interface among the Mediterranean area, the Italian and Maltese Environmental Ministry and the Joint Research Center of the European Commission.

    The general objective of the project is to create a Research Centre for environmental sustainability and renewable sources in the Mediterranean area. Specific objectives:

    • Creating a stakeholders network for innovation and cooperation between research and industry world;
    • Developing, implementing and disseminating tools orientated towards the product and encouraging the dialogue between consumers, industry and supplier in order to enhance the diffusion and the awareness concerning the existence of eco-innovative products;
    • Promoting and assessing technology, high efficiency low-carbon products and services;
    • Assessing productions dematerialization processes by studying design, plant and technologic solutions aimed at : reducing the use of raw materials by output unit, reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources while increasing those renewable; activating industrial symbiosis mechanisms;
    • Supporting the clusters of SMEs for the execution of directives related to eco-design, design of products characterized by better environmental performances, implementation of energy and environmental management systems;
    • Providing scientific support for the realization of educational and informative campaigns on sustainable production and consumption;
    • Carrying out the role as advisor for public administrations for the definition of Green Public Procurement optimal strategies as well as urban tools orientated towards sustainability and the execution of the Covenant of Majors.

    Website: http://www.crim-safri.it/