Course Code TI7-01-18
MQF Level Level 7
Duration 1 Year
Awarding Body MCAST
Entry Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree with Honours (minimum second class) or equivalent professional qualification.
  • It is also desirable that the applicant has as a minimum of two years of relevant work experience.
  • IELTS 6.0
Course Description This programme is intended to provide a critical understanding of the functional areas of today’s business and integrative approaches for the development of solutions to international business challenges. It provides the student with the opportunity to understand and master excellently the main concepts in applied research and development methods. Students will gain an essential understanding of Business Analytics, including its basic concepts and implementation of statistics and big data. Students will understand the dynamic business environment in today’s world and to achieve the objectives of both the organization and the owner/manager to that organization. This course provides the student with relevant theoretical and practical knowledge of economic growth and development on the national, regional and global levels. The course focuses upon financial accounting information relating to profit-oriented business organizations and it provides theoretical and practical knowledge based on research and experience in the area of entrepreneurship. This course combines the elements of international marketing strategies and tactics with the characteristics and needs of today’s international markets. It introduces project management from the standpoint of a manager who must organize, plan, implement, and control tasks to achieve an organization’s schedule, budget, and performance objectives. It provides the student to interpret financial indicators and benchmarks which allows the manager to allocate resources and evaluate potential projects to reap a maximum return-on-investment. This unit provides the student with a review of theory and research findings in the field of organisational behaviour.
Programme Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate professionalism, self-awareness, leadership, and effective communication in a team based environment.
  • Possess the skills required to integrate concepts from various disciplines to identify and develop business strategies.
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial, creative and innovative skills in managing and running an organisation.
  • Apply knowledge and skills to solve business problems.
  • Analyze and apply accounting information to facilitate strategic decision making.
  • Employ financial decision models to select appropriate projects for a business enterprise.
Core Study Units
  • Applied Research & Development
  • Business Analytics
  • Dynamic Strategic Management
  • Development Economics
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Contemporary Entrepreneurship Management
  • Strategic International marketing
  • Project Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Organisational Behaviour

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