A testimonial from MCAST student Mr Paul Micallef after his Erasmus+ mobility in France:


“First and foremost, I would like to thank Erasmus+ and MCAST for the opportunity that was given to me to have this wonderful experience.  Through this experience in France, I was capable to learn and observe different and new things that in Malta we don’t see easily.

We were given the chance to meet new students, with different thoughts, ideas cultures, work techniques which all of these positive features are essential to learning something new.  While we were attending the Les Alpilles College, we learned to work on different types of stones, not like the ones we were used to working within Malta, which it was a bit harder to work the moulding until you get familiar to the stone structure and strength.  Thanks to the lecturer Mr Marc Sucal, that showed and helped us achieve this new experience for the first time of working we learned the techniques that are used especially in France to be capable to engrave the sculptures.

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While we were on our mobility we also had the chance to visit different types of places all that is linked both to stone-work and also to French history.  We could observe the marvellous structures and the techniques they used to build in the past centuries.

The last thing I would like to say is that if I should be given another opportunity to come back here for studying or even to work here, I would positively consider it. “