Online Applications

 icon-arrow-circle-right A – Click here if you who have never been an MCAST student before or if you have been at MCAST          before June 2018 (New Student – Form A)

 icon-arrow-circle-right B – Click here if you who have successfully completed an MCAST Programme of Studies you were following up to June 2019 – meaning that you have achieved a pass grade in all subjects forming part of the course. When applying online, choose the Programme of Studies out of those which you are eligible for.  (Progressing Student – Form B)

icon-arrow-circle-right C – Click here if you are a registered MCAST student, have passed from the units in your current year of studies (finished in June 2019), and would like to continue with your studies in the following year (year two, three, or four).  (Continuing Student – Form C)

icon-arrow-circle-right D – Click here if you have been following an MCAST full-time course and have failed one or more units, which you would like to repeat by attendance and assessment during the coming academic year (2019/20), (Repeating Student – Form D)


If you are a continuing student (Form C – moving to the next year of your course) or a repeating student (Form D – repeating units of your course) and wish to apply for a NEW course you need to send an email to providing your full name and ID number requesting in writing for your account to be reset.


Please Note:

On the MCAST Online Registration Portal, you will find more information as to how to complete your online application.

Please use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari browsers when using the Online Registration Portal.

Should you encounter any difficulty when you are applying online, please do not hesitate to get in touch via phone number icon-phone-square  2398 7888 between 0830h and 1300h from Monday to Friday (2nd September to 6th  September 2019)

 icon-arrow-right Your credentials which give you access to your eID (this is applicable to all those who hold a National ID Card or a valid Residence Permit),

icon-arrow-right Active credentials (such as password) you will need in order to access your private email address (which you will use to set up your MCAST CMIS Account),

icon-arrow-right Original versions of your Certificates, Results’ Slips, SSC&P and all other documents you need to show in order for your Online Application to be considered in line with the particular Course Entry Requirements.