Applications for courses starting in October 2021 will be open in August. Please check our website for regular updates on early application dates.

Applications for Full Time courses starting at beginning of October 2021, will be received ONLINE in August 2021.  You can visit this portal in order to submit your application.

A Maltese valid and active eID will be required to start off the application.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a Maltese ID Number, but forgot the related eID credentials?

In such cases, you are to contact directly Identity Malta Agency.   You can reach them by phone through helpline (+356) 2590 4300 – during office hours.

The 153, may also be referred to.

You can also visit the Identity Malta Website for any further guidance and assistance you may require by following this link


If you will be requesting a fresh Password, through an email which you will be sending to the EID section, you are kindly asked to provide your ID Number as well as the ID-Document Number found at the back of every ID Card.

From where do I get information about MCAST Full Time courses?

The MCAST Prospectus 2021/22, is found on the MCAST website.  You can leaf through the digital version by visiting:

Further information can also be found by visiting   and clicking on the respective MCAST Institute you would like to study in.

You can then click on the course/s you are interested in and get to know more important information, such as:

        • The exact course title and course code which you need to use when stating which MCAST Full Time course you are interested in
        • The entry requirements for the course – that is the certificates / qualifications you need to have in order to be considered as eligible for the course,
        • A brief description of the course, including its duration (number of years of study)
        • Other related information you will find useful about the course you would have clicked on

 I would like to ask for some advice about a course I am interested in. What can I do?

MCAST has a very informative and efficient Career Guidance and Advice section.  One might wish to get in touch with this Section using the following contacts:

(+356) 2398 7135       (+356) 2398 7136

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