Online Applications open between Monday 08th and Monday 15th February 2021 for the following courses:

      • EE6-01-21p  Pre-Warrant Qualification Course – Electrical/Electronics
      • ME6-01-21p  Pre-Warrant Qualification Course – Mechanical


Applicants must be in possession of a B.Eng qualification issued by MCAST.

For Holders of an active MCAST email account:

If you already have an active MCAST Email address which you still have access to (and know credentials for), kindly go through the following steps when applying online:

  • Go to
  • In the specified fields, please enter your MCAST email address username and password
  • Select institute: MCAST Admissions & Registration office
  • Select the current academic year 2020-2021
  • At the side of the screen, go to Registration & Enrolments and fill out any missing information in the Personal Data Screen … always remember to click on Save whenever you are ready from a screen
  • When filling in the application, there is no need to fill in and upload SEC, MATSEC or related certificates
  • However it is very important that on the Qualifications Screen (second screen in online application), one will clearly write the full degree title (in one’s possession) under the ‘Other Qualifications’ section
  • There is no need to fill in the SSC&P screen on the online application, so one should click on ‘Save and Next’ button and proceed to the Upload Screen
  • In the Uploads Screen it is important that the applicant uploads a clear scan of the degree and transcript , showing one’s eligibility for the course.  Without such an upload, the application cannot be processed.
  • You are kindly asked to fill in the Consents section of the online application
  • Eventually, you will go to Application Management and press on create a new application
  • In this Applications Screen (this is the last step in the online application), one is to choose one of the above listed course codes and title under the ‘MCAST FT Ongoing‘ Intake in year 2020/2021


For other applicants who no longer have and active MCAST email account:

If you do not have an active MCAST email address, your online application can be submitted using a local, valid and active e-ID.

Click here to access the applications portal.

Should you require any assistance with your e-ID account, Identity Malta has a very efficient service through helpline 2590 4300 – during office hours.  The 153, may also be referred to.

You can also visit the Identity Malta Website for any further guidance and assistance you may require on or Email:

If you will be requesting a fresh Password, through an email which you will be sending to the e-ID section, you are kindly asked to provide your ID Number as well as the ID-Document Number found at the back of every ID Card.