Q. Who can we contact regarding enquiries about Part-time courses?

A. You can contact us regarding part-time courses enquiries on 23987777 or  23987116 during 8am and 12pm and 1pm and 4pm, via email on shortcourses@mcast.edu.mt or through our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/mcastparttimecourses/ 

Q. Who can we contact regarding enquiries related to International students?

A. You can contact us on 23987879 during 8am and 12pm and 1pm and 4pm.

Q. What is the MG2i website URL? 

A. http://shortcourses.mcast.edu.mt/

Q. Are the part-time courses applications still open and until when will they remain open?

A.  The part-time courses applications are still open and will remain open until further notice.

Q. When will the part-time courses start?

A. Presently we’re receiving the applications and it is envisaged that the next batch of  courses will start between September and October 2020.  We may be able to offer some courses on line, however this depends on the availability of the lecturers.  Practical sessions cannot be held online. Clients will receive notifications via email.

Q. I applied for a part-time course but haven’t received an acknowledgement yet.  When will I know when the course is going to start?

A.  The MG2i staff will be processing all the application and will announce the start date when this process is complete. They will contact the applicant either through email or by phone.  The majority of courses will start in September 2020. If you have applied On-Line and did not receive an acknowledgment, please send an email with all details on shortcourses@mcast.edu.mt

Q.How can I apply to join a part-time course?

A. It is recommended that all applications are made online, until further notice.  

Q. What should I do if I don’t have access to a computer or Wifi to apply?

A. The application form is available on the Part-Time Courses prospectus which was recently delivered to every household.  The application form should be completed by prospective candidates and returned together with full payment to: The Office of Part-Time Courses, MCAST Main Campus, New Students’ House, Corradino Hill, Paola PLA 9032. Once again, this method of application should be discouraged until the COVID-19 pandemic is declared over. 

Q. I was following a part-time course at MCAST before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.  They informed me that my course has been suspended or postponed until further notice.  When can I complete my course?

A.  MCAST is doing its utmost to continue its part-time courses online.  Certain courses contain practical sessions and therefore cannot be offered online.   It is our intention to continue with the practical sessions as soon as the Health Authorities inform us that it is safe to continue with these courses. 

Q. Can I take a refund if I decide not to go to a course after I have paid for it?

A. The full refund of the fee will only be effected by MCAST in the event that a College is unable to provide the course.

Q. Will it be possible to offer all part-time courses online?

A. No, this will not be possible, since some of the courses require practical sessions.

Q. What sort of qualifications are needed to apply for the short part-time courses?

A. A number of courses do not require any previous qualifications.  On the other hand, there are other courses  which specifically require minimum qualifications, and these are mentioned in the website http://shortcourses.mcast.edu.mt.  It is recommended that the applicant scan the certificates and send them to shortcourses@mcast.edu.mt (instead of ‘together with the application’ as the online version does not support this feature.)

Q. When will we be able to continue the LSE 10/20/30 week course?

A. MCAST is presently doing its utmost to offer all the LSE courses through its online platform.   We have already started offering some of these courses online.  It is envisaged that all LSE courses will be available online during the coming days. Currently, 20-week courses and 30-week courses are being launched online. However, note that practical sessions involving tutor visits/classroom placements would have to wait until the schools re-open again.