• Erasmus+ Project – Mobility Experience – KA 107
      • Staff mobility for Training To/From Partner Countries
      • Dates of mobility: 25/09/2017 – 29/09/2017
      • MCAST – University of Niš, Serbia


Four Lecturers from the Institute of Engineering and Transport (IET) and the Institute for Information and Communications Technology (IICT) participated in a training mobility under an Erasmus+ KA107 project.  The lecturers were Marco Bonanno, Christian Zammit, Thomas Gatt and Kevin Borg.

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The Erasmus+ mobility experience allowed the lecturers to observe, follow and learn from the experiences of a Mechatronics research project carried out at the Univeristy of Niš in Serbia where a research group developed an intelligent robot under the supervision of Prof. Goran Djordevic.

During the training, Prof. Djordevic gave a detailed overview of the project to the visiting lecturers. The different phases, from project proposal and definition, to project planning, implementation and management in a harmonised multidisciplinary team environment were considered. These aspects were explained in relation to a number of mechatronics research projects for the industry, that are currently underway at the university. The challenges involved in project development and the salient points in such projects were amply considered and discussed during the visit.

Moreover, workshops were organised by the University Mechatronics group members who provided further details of how the specific components involved in mechanics, hardware components and path recognition worked and the testing involved for their implementation.

The training proved to be a complete success as the lecturers gained valuable knowledge about the design, development and implementation of a complete Mechatronics system which will surely be transposed into the local training of MCAST students.