MCAST as the UNEVOC Centre in Malta

MCAST is proud to be the UNEVOC Centre in Malta and an active member of the UNEVOC Network. The MCAST assists UNEVOC in strengthening and upgrading TVeT not only locally, but especially in the 195 member countries by providing expertise and through contribution at fora, conferences, seminars and training activities.

The MCAST, based in Malta is ideally located geographically as it links the southern tip of the EU to North Africa and the Maghreb region. MCAST can, therefore, extend its knowledge and experience in TVeT to this region and beyond.

The MCAST contributes to the three core areas of TVeT identified by UNEVOC, namely:

    • Knowledge sharing and management
    • Advocacy and capacity development
    • Global UNEVOC Network


  • The UNEVOC Centre at MCAST houses a small library of reference books on the subject of TVeT and offers counselling and advice in TVeT related activities.
  • The UNEVOC Centre at MCAST may be contacted via email at or by telephone on +356 2398 7142
  • The UNESCO-UNEVOC website may be found at The website contains very good and up-to-date information on TVET initiatives around the world.