MCAST Prospectus Academic Year


Career Guidance Services are offered by appointment at MCAST Main Campus Paola till 28th June from 8.30 till 13.00 hrs.
Then from 1st  July till 2nd August Career Guidance Services will be offered without an appointment on first come first served basis from 8.30 till 13.00 hrs.

 icon-arrow-circle-right Venue: Student House 3rd floor

 icon-phone-square  23987135, 23987136, 23987310


The Online Application periods for the upcoming academic year 2019/20 will be as follows:

  • Monday 22nd  July till Sunday 04th  August
  • Monday 02nd  September till Sunday 08th  September
  • Friday 27th  September till Wednesday 02nd  October 2019

Access to the online application portal will be through the MCAST website, as from Monday 22nd July.  Those who will be submitting an Application and are in possession of a National ID Number need to have a valid E-ID in order for them to apply for an MCAST full-time courses.  Prospective applicants who do not have a National ID, will also be able to apply online.

Further information about the online application process will be available by the second week of July.The conditions for application are found in the MCAST prospectus – an online version of which can be accessed through