International Applicants

If your nationality is not Maltese, then you are considered as an International applicant, especially if as entry requirements to the course you choose, you will be presenting Certificates / Qualifications which are not awarded by Maltese Institutions.  Special attention is to be given to the need to present the MQRIC Statement of all non-Maltese qualifications you will be presenting for consideration in view of eligibility.  Likewise is certification of English Proficiency.  This information is clearly explained in the FAQ document (which you can download and refer to further down on this same page).

To start the process please use this URL to fill in an online form inputting all your details, and uploading all the certificates you possess:

If you come from a Non-EU country / you are a third-country national, you are kindly asked to submit your application for a course at MCAST by not later than Sunday 15th August 2021.  No further applications will be received from Non-EU nationals after that date, given that enough time will be required to settle a number of logistics such as attaining the necessary Study VISAs to come over to Malta. 

Allow us to be very clear in stating that MCAST cannot be held responsible for any last-minute change in plans which may arise out of extenuating circumstances such as the current pandemic.

It is also to be very clear that a full-time course at MCAST will actually start off if there will be enough applicants for it…. and such information will only be available after that the full-time Admissions application window will be closed on the 20th September 2021. 

If you are an EU National (even if not yet residing in Malta), applications through the set online form ( will be received until Monday 20th September 2021. This equally applies to Non-EU Nationals who already reside here in Malta and do not require any documents or extension of documents in order for them to remain in Malta, as per all legal requirements to do so.

Important Note:  In all instances explained above, it is very important that applicants submit their application through the online form ( at the earliest – and not leaving till the deadline or close to it.  There may be instances where additional documents will be required, and if as an applicant you will not have these readily at hand by the closing date, it will not be possible to continue processing your application.

Frequently Asked Questions:  FAQs.   This document provides a lot of very important information you are kindly asked to be informed about.  Click here (leading to MCAST International FT Admissions ’21 – FAQs  v3 240621)

If you would like to request any clarifications, we will be very glad to assist you:

Via email: – Kindly identify yourself clearly, by signing your email using your full name, surname and ID Number, as well as provide all the details needed for us to be able to understand what assistance you will be requiring.  Language of communication to be used, is English.  Following exchanges of emails, we can also set up an appointment for an online meeting in order to better clarify certain aspects as you may need… this can be done through the MS Teams platform.