Course Code Course Title
  • AG1-01-14
MCAST Introductory Certificate in Animal Husbandry and Horticultural Skills
  • AG1-02-18
MCAST Award in Agribusiness
  • AS1-01-14
MCAST Introductory Certificate in Applied Science
  • AG2-01-14
MCAST Foundation Certificate in Horticulture and Animal Care
  • AS2-01-14
MCAST Foundation Certificate in Applied Science
  • AG3-01-14
MCAST Diploma in Animal Care
  • AG3-02-14
MCAST Diploma in Fish Husbandry
  • AG3-03-18
MCAST Diploma in Horticulture
  • AS3-01-14
MCAST Diploma in Applied Science
  • AG4-01-16
MCAST Advanced Diploma in Animal Management and Veterinary Nursing
  • AG4-02-16
MCAST Advanced Diploma in Fish Management
  • AG4-A3-17
MCAST Advanced Diploma in Horticulture
  • AS4-01-14
MCAST Advanced Diploma for Pharmacy Technicians
  • AS4-A2-15
MCAST Advanced Diploma in Applied Science
  • AS4-03-17
MCAST Advanced Diploma in Environmental Sustainability
  • AS4-04-15
MCAST Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences
  • TC4-A1-18
MCAST Advanced Diploma in Food Technology
  • AS6-01-15
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemical Technology
  • AS6-02-15
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Engineering
  • AS6-03-15
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Health Sciences (Physiological Measurements)
  • AS6-04-17
Northumbria University Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Nursing Studies
  • AG6-01-16
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Animal Management and Veterinary Nursing
  • AG6-02-15
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Horticulture
  • AG6-03-16
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Fish Management
  • AS6-05-17
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Health