Ms Mary Rose Mifsud

Resource Management from the University of Chester and a Diploma in Management Studies from the University of Malta.

Ms Mifsud joined MCAST on the 4th of January 2021 as a Director of Human Resources.

Ms Mifsud has more than 14 years of experience in leading in HR and has operated in various Government entities and departments that range from 35 to 700 employees. She began her career with the Director for Finance and Administration at Mount Carmel Hospital within the Ministry for Health in 2006 and has held numerous positions with both the public service and public sector.

In this role, Ms Mifsud was responsible for directing all HR functions including employee performance management, labour relations, compensation and benefits, learning management and the HR operations together with the organizational development that include the skills gap analyses which was imperative to source the right talent at the right place for the development of the entity and for the advancement of the employees.

Before this appointment, Ms Mifsud was a Senior Manager for Finance and HR at the Land Registration Agency and had a role in concluding the negotiation for the Land Registration Agency’s collective agreement at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, which made such negotiation more difficult to conclude.

She also served as a Manger II with the Director General at the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, an Executive HR & Admin at Arts Council Malta and Executive HR and Admin at NCFHE. She has also contributed her expertise to various Government procurement departments as chairman and evaluator of tenders for EU and Non-EU projects within the Ministerial Procurement Unit of several ministries. She held multiple roles in different private sectors, such as manufacturing and project trades. In one of her last roles, she also completed several leadership development programs, including HR Programmes that include the implementation of payroll and finance systems.

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