Form B – Progressing…

 …. between 19th and 31st July 2021 …. all those students who have received their results from their Institute clearly informing them that they can apply online using a Form B (Progressing … from level 1 to 2, level 2 to 3, level 3 to 4, level 4 to 5 / 6).

 To start the process please use this URL:
Ensure that you Login to the Admissions and Records Department (and NOT to your Institute).

Would you like to have a look at a brief guide which shows you how to do this* ?  click here
Would you like to follow a simple walkthrough, which shows you how to do this* ?  click here

If you have received an Acceptance Offer, and need assistance in how to do it (a simple task which takes less than one minute, but which is so essential in order for you to be Registered as an MCAST student):

·        Either have a look at this Manual of Screenshots –   Click here (pdf doc attached)

·        Or follow this video walk-thoru8gh of the process –   Click here (video attached)

Other Assistance related to Applying Online:

If you are encountering difficulties, we can assist you through the following:


Via email: – Please send your email from your MCAST email account, and kindly identify yourself clearly, by signing your email using your full name, surname and ID Number, as well as provide all the details needed for us to be able to understand what assistance you will be requiring.  Feel free to communicate in both English or Maltese.


If there is a real need for you to come over physically to MCAST for assistance (such as because you do not have a device form where to do this online process), please ensure that you first send an email to for an appointment to be given to you (giving you a date and time and venue where to present yourself in).


Over the phone: 2398 7888 – calls are received between Monday and Friday from 8am till 2pm

Should there be the need, whilst over the phone, we can try and assist you online through AnyDesk – a web application.

Once you click on one of the following URLs – which suits you best – go to the green download button and click on it. 

AnyDesk for Windows:

AnyDesk for MAC OS:

The contact centre agent at the other end of the phone line, will guide you further as to what will be needed.

The following screenshot is an example taken form the MAC OS URL.  AnyDesk for Windows is very similar.