If you already are / have been an MCAST student…. but want to start afresh on a completely different Full Time Course.

Online Applications, will be received here between Monday 16th August and Monday 20th September 2021.

Closer to the 16th August, this website will be providing you with the link you will use in order to submit your online application.  You will also here find some resources which will be intended to assist you with your ONLINE Application.

This does not apply if:

you are eligible and want to Continue your studies to the next year (Form C)
you want to repeat any failed units by attendance and assessment, during the coming year 2021/22
you have not received a full and complete result from your Institute since there are still pending units to be completed (probably by September 2021)

In the meantime, you can prepare yourself by doing this very important action. If you are clearly decided that you want to stop the course you are currently still registered on (during the year 2020/21, just completed), and want to apply to start afresh a completely different course, send an email to mcast7888@mcast.edu.mt. In this email explain that you want to stop from the course you are currently registered on (clearly stating that course title) and advise that you want to apply for a new course – starting form year 1 (indicate the new course code and title).  Kindly sign off your email using your full name, surname and ID Number.  Send this email from your MCAST email address.

We will reply to that email and guide you as to what you will need to do.  Always ensure that you have the required entry requirements for the course you would like to start afresh on

From where do I get information about MCAST Full Time courses?

The MCAST Prospectus 2021/22, is found on the MCAST website.  You can leaf through the digital version by visiting: https://www.mcast.edu.mt/mcast-prospectus-2021-2022/
Further information can also be found by visiting https://www.mcast.edu.mt/full-time-programmes/and clicking on the respective MCAST Institute you would like to study in. You can then click on the course/s you are interested in and get to know more important information, such as:
The exact course title and course code which you need to use when stating which MCAST Full-Time course you are interested in
The Entry Requirements for the course – that is, the certificates/qualifications you need to have in hand, in order to be considered as eligible for the course,
A brief description of the course, including its duration (number of years of study)
Other related information you will find useful about the course you would have clicked on

I would like to ask for some advice about a course I am interested in. What can I do?

MCAST has a very informative and efficient Career Guidance and Advice section.  One might wish to get in touch with this Section using the following contacts:


(+356) 2398 7135       (+356) 2398 7136