Fees and payment schedule for the courses for non EU candidates: 

Level Duration Fee in Euro Payment upon registration/acceptance 2nd Payment by April of first Academic Year  3rd Payment by end April of second Academic Year 4th Payment by end April of third Academic Year 
1  1 Year 5400 euro 3400 euro 2000 euro NA NA
2 1 Year 6600 euro 4000 euro 2600 euro NA NA
3 1 Year 6700 euro 4200 euro 2500 euro NA NA
4 2 Year 8500 euro 4500 euro 4000 euro NA NA
5 2 Year 9000 euro 5000 euro 4000 euro NA NA
6 3 Year *13,000 euro 7000 euro 6000 euro *6500 euro NA
6 4 Year * 17,350 euro 7000 euro 6000 euro 4500 euro *5780 euro

*(13,000 euro) actual price is 19,500 euro but depending on the 1st 2 years. A scholarship will be offered for the 3rd and final year, if the student passes ALL the first- and second-year modules.   

*(17,350 euro) actual price is 23,130 euro, but depending on the 1st 3 years scholarship will be offered for the 4th and final year, if the student passes ALL the first, second- and third-year modules.   

A visa will not be issued unless the full amount of course is paid. 

  • The scholarship scheme will not be granted in cases when students fail modules during the first two or three years of their studies, depending on the length of their course.  The student will be requested to pay the full course fee as indicated above.