Bachelor of Creative Arts

Course Code: CA6-11-18

Course Duration: 3 Years Full-time

Course Description (English)

These 5 degrees each have the following interim exit points with the final full 180 ECTS degree exit point leading to a formal graduation: • Stage 1: Undergraduate Diploma at 60 ECTS (transcript upon completion for students terminating here) • Stage 2: Higher Diploma at 120 ECTS (transcript upon completion for students terminating here) • Stage 3: Bachelor Degree at 180 ECTS (eligible for formal graduation)

These programmes shall commence in Semester 2 of each academic year, that is towards the second full week of February. The generic nature of these degrees is not industry specific, providing a wide skills-set that is strong in its transversal nature, whilst also providing significant expertise in the area of studies. Each degree programme requires the following combination of credits:
A minimum of 48 area specific ECTS in vocational units from an existing honours degree programme
A maximum of 48 ECTS from existing degree programmes within the same Institute (time-tables permitting)
A maximum of 60 ECTS in key skills and transversal subjects from any Institute (time-tables permitting) 12 ECTS in work-based learning and 12 ECTS in an applied research project or dissertation.
Due to the inter-Institute nature of these qualifications, students following these programmes shall be assisted through individualized Academic Learner Agreements that are managed by the College.

Course Description (Malti)


Entry Requirements

MCAST Advanced Diploma or 2 A-Level passes and 2 I-Level passes

Other Entry Requirements

Career Opportunities