I participated in an Erasmus+ Mobility Programme Vocational Education Level, where I did 3 weeks training, from the 6th March 2017 till the 24th March 2017. The location where the Mobility took place is called Lizio Dr. Antonio, located in Sicily (Italy).
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Although I was slightly hesitant about going on an Erasmus+ Mobility in the beginning, I am incredibly glad that I did. Not only did this mobility programme provide me with fantastic hands-on work experience, but I also had the privilege of meeting some amazing people working with eProject Consult and other students on an Erasmus Mobility programme from all over the world, with different cultural backgrounds.
My day-to-day procedures at work usually consisted of handling animals, observing and assisting in surgery such as monitoring anaesthesia levels, disinfecting the equipment used, preparing them for sterilisation, monitoring in-house patients and those who had just undergone surgery. I would prepare and administer medication such as antibiotics and help with the general upkeep of the clinic. Even though there was a slight language barrier between me and the vets, we still found ways to communicate with each other and they always were more than happy to answer any of my questions.

I would honestly recommend this mobility programme to anyone who would like to gain work experience and see more of the world simultaneously. I can safely say that work experience is not the only thing I have gained from Erasmus+ Mobility Programme.