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One of the main aims of ERASMUS projects is the establishment of collaborations between different countries and different institutions within the European Eunion. These projects include both the industry, education and the public in general. One such project is the Aqua-view project which is a collaboration between eight partners from seven different European Union countries specifically, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Italy and Malta where The Centre for Agriculture, Aquatics and Animal Sciences within MCAST is the representative partner for the Maltese Islands.

The ERASMUS partners who are participating in this project hail primarily from aquaculture or applied sciences vocational colleges or universities. Their aim is to design international units which may be followed by students and professionals in the aquaculture sector. These units will not only offer the knowledge and competences attributed to the specific area, but will also allow for student mobility and hence, the expertise of different professionals within the sector will be exploited better.

The Aqua-view project is a three-year project which was initiated in October 2019 and which will end by December 2022. For further information please contact Ms Kimberly Terribile on

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