icon-calendar 2020

1st  September Beginning of Academic Year
19th October Beginning of Semester 1
19th - 23rd October Campus Days
2nd November No lectures
December Graduation Ceremonies -  Levels 5 and 6 (postponed)
3rd December Open Day for 5th Form Gozitan Students
7th  December  No Lecturers
21st December - 1st January Christmas recess

icon-calendar 2021

4th January Continuation of Semester 1
12th February End of Semester 1
15th February No Lecturers
16th February Beginning of Semester 2
February Graduations Ceremonies - Levels 1,2,3 and 4 (Postponed)
1st April - 9th April Easter Recess
12th April Continuation of Semester 2
12th July End Semester 2
13th July - 31st August Summer Recess

Note: The above calendar is subject to Health Restrictions Permitting

MCAST Graduation Dates  Levels    5&6
Institute Date Time Venue