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The MCAST Energy Research Group (MCAST Energy) specialises in global and regional solutions by innovative devices in emerging technologies, systems level integration to policy engagement for better community and social benefit. The breath of energy research at MCAST Energy includes Device Fabrication and on-site Testing, Energy Economics and Policy, Efficient Buildings, Power Systems, Renewables and Transportation. The group specialises in applied research techniques including but not limited to optimisation, decision making and life cycle analysis.


Research Support Assistant(s), Postdoctoral Research Fellow(s) and Scholarships(s) open call

Postdoctoral Research Fellow(s) [starting €30,100]
(Jobsplus Permit No. 87/2017 & 98/2018)

Research Support Assistant(s) & PhD Scholarship(s) [€21,500 plus Home/EU Fees]
(Jobsplus Permit No. 87/2017 & 98/2018)

Research Support Assistant(s) & MRes Scholarship(s) [starting €18,000 plus MRes Fees]
(Jobsplus Permit No. 87/2017 & 98/2018)

MCAST Energy is looking for highly motivated and creative researchers in the fields of Electrical and Control Engineering, Electrical Power and Energy Systems, Integration of Photovoltaics (PVs) and Energy and Environmental Economics, who aspire to address one or more of our research themes.

The selected candidate(s) will also enjoy some of the best mobility, training activities and resources within the University of Manchester in the UK, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in France, and the National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) in Spain, as well as other partner institutions in exchange visits, internships, mentoring, schools, courses, lectures, conferences and meetings.

These positions are being funded by the European Commission H2020 TWINNING JUMP2Excel (Joint Universal activities for Mediterranean PV integration Excellence) project under grant 810809, and the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) 3DMgrid (Design, Development and Demonstration of a Smart Micro-Grid) project under grant ENM-2016-002a and EDGEWISE (Energy and Water Systems Integration and Management) project under grant ENM-2016-001 through the ERANETMED initiative of Member States, Associated Countries and Mediterranean Partner Countries. The split-site PhD programme is offered at the University of Manchester hosted by MCAST Energy.

The closing date for the receipt of applications will be Friday, 25th January 2019. Please visit the MCAST job portal for further details, requirements and application process. Please refer any enquiries to


Postgraduate Research Programmes at MCAST Energy

Research Postgraduate programmes are available at level 7 Master by Research (MRes) in Engineering and at level 8 through a split-site Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme with The University of Manchester. Applications are open all year round.