Dr Inġ. Brian Azzopardi

Dr Inġ. Brian Azzopardi

Senior Lecturer II | Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Principal Investigator |
MCAST Energy Research Group
Chair |
The 10th International Summit on Stability of Organic and Perovskites Solar Cells (ISOS-10 '17)

Affiliations: Institute of Engineering and Transport | Electrical and Electronics Engineering
                     MCAST Energy Research Group 

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Email:         brian.azzopardi@mcast.edu.mt

Phone:       +356 2398 7704

ORCID:       0000-0002-7776-9390

Brian Azzopardi is a Senior Lecturer II within the MCAST Institute of Engineering and Transport. He has worked in industry for over five years before joining academia, whilst maintaining close contact with the industry on various fronts. At MCAST, he has held various roles including Institute Vocational Coordinator and Course Leader. Since 2014, Brian is leading the MCAST Energy Research Group. In 2016, together with co-investigators Dr Mario Balzan and Dr Eman Calleja and cross-campus collaboration, the group ranked 2nd and received the MCST Internationalisation Partnership Award.

Dr Inġ. Azzopardi has pioneered growth of clean energy research capacity, activities and institutional portfolio by grooming students and researchers, knowledge promotions, industry-led collaborations and active participation in engineering societies.

He spearheaded UK, Maltese, Lithuanian and EU funded projects in the energy field and acclaimed projects like electric vehicles. He has also headed a technology span in the field of photovoltaics in over 30, mostly industry-led research projects and grants totaling over €10 Million and contributed to over €2m to various institutions. Dr Azzopardi is a leading expert in the areas of energy and environmental economics, optimisation and decision making techniques, and has published over 80 articles.

Dr Inġ. Azzopardi is currently the Chair of the International Summit Organisation on Stability of Organic and Perovskites Solar Cells (ISOS-10) to be hosted in Malta this October 2017. He is also the Chair on the Endeavour Scholarship Board appointed by the Minister for Education and Employment.



Citation metrics (updated 18/12/2017)

                            Scopus: 21 indexed articles, 351 citations, h-index 10

                            Google Scholar: 26 indexed articles, 629 citations, h-index 12, i10 index 13

Over of 90 scientific and technical publications, and invited presentations in major international peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary scientific journals and in the leading international peer-reviewed journals, peer-reviewed conferences proceedings and monographs including one book chapter, one editable book, and many articles in prestigious ISI Web of Science listed journals with Impact Factor ranging from 2 to 30 and IEEE conference proceedings, and invitations.

* Work developed together with the two leading authors mentored from 1st year Bachelor students at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

o Postdoc, Pre-doc, PhD, MRes, MSc, BEng / BSc candidate under supervision

E Publication have been acclaimed on the national and international media and was cited through blogs such as “Can plastic solar cells deliver?” in Softmachines blog by Prof Richard Jones and IEEE Spectrum Blog  as the first ever comprehensive techno-economic assessment of the third generation of photovoltaic systems.

IF: Journal Impact Factor 

Books and Book Chapters

Azzopardi, Brian. ed. “Sustainable Development in Energy Systems”. Springer, Sept 2017.

Azzopardi, Brian. “Green Energy and Technology: Choosing Among Alternatives.” In Renewable Energy Integration, edited by Jahangir Hossain and Apel Mahmud, 1–16. Green Energy and Technology. Springer Singapore, 2014. http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-981-4585-27-9_1.

Peer-reviewed articles in ISI listed Journals with citation index

Raugei, Marcoo; Leccisi, EnricaoAzzopardi, Brian; Jones, Christopher; Gilbert, Paul; Zhang, Lingxi; Zhou, Yutian; Mander, Sarah and Mancarella, Pierluigi. “A Multi-Method Analysis of UK Grid Mix Scenarios with Large-Scale PV Deployment.” Energy Policy, in press. (IF 4.599)

Matulaitis, Vytautas*; Straukaitė, Gintė*Azzopardi, Brian; Martinez-Cesena, Eduardo A. “Multi-criteria decision making for PV deployment on a multinational level” Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (November 2016): 122-127 doi: 10.1016/j.solmat.2016.02.015.  (IF 4.799, cited 3)

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