MCAST holds Graduation Mass for New Graduates

November 17, 2022 Communications

The Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology (MCAST) held a graduation mass at St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta on 14 November to celebrate the success of new College graduates.

The ceremony honoured graduates from all of MCAST’s six institutes. The graduation ceremonies at the College, starting on 21 November, will celebrate the success of 2,411 graduates.


President of the Board of Governors, Professor Ian Refalo, Principal and CEO Professor Joachim James Calleja, Deputy Principals, the Registrar, lecturers, and MCAST Directors also attended the celebratory mass.

The mass was celebrated by Archbishop Charles Jude Scicluna and members of the MCAST Chaplaincy Team.

In his homily, Archbishop Charles Jude Scicluna congratulated the new graduates for their success in their studies. He urged them to “follow God’s teachings within your respective professions and make it your main aim to work towards society’s common good.”


In his address, College President Professor Ian Refalo encouraged the new graduates to value honesty in their future careers. He further elaborated that this year’s graduation “highlights MCAST’s valuable mission to prepare students not only in an academic manner but to prepare them for life’s hard challenges”.

MCAST Chaplain Father Antoine Farrugia highlighted how the College is being transformed into an international educative hub where diversity is celebrated daily. Fr Farrugia thanked the MCAST staff for “constantly helping in spreading the Christian message, which contributes to the overall mission to help each other succeed, which is so important in a tertiary level educational institution like MCAST”.

Approximately 621 students will be graduating at Master’s and Bachelor’s levels, while 708 and 112 students have completed Diplomas at levels 4 and 5. At levels 1, 2, and 3, another 937 students completed their studies.