Record applications at MCAST’s Community College for the Third Age

October 19, 2022 Communications

The Community College for the Third Age an initiative by the Malta College for Arts, Science, and Technology (MCAST) received a record number of applications from seniors willing to join a new learning experience this year.

The College’s Centre for Learning and Employability (CLE) organises this yearly programme of activities for older citizens who wish to attend informative lectures and participate in social events. This year the Community College for the Third Age received around 160 new applications. More than a 60% increase in applications received the previous year.

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MCAST Principal and CEO Professor Joachim James Calleja stated, “The steady rise in applications and the positive feedback is encouraging as we set out to become a community college for all. Our aim is to reach out to all members of society. We need to eliminate barriers and create lifelong learning opportunities for all. No one should be excluded.”

CLE Director Ramon Mangion said  “Older people have a keen interest in learning and should be consulted about their learning needs. We are looking at creating programmes that are strategic in approach, fostering a culture where older people are encouraged to share their skills. ”

A total of 5 classes involving a range of speakers from different areas, such as history, media, health and wellbeing, general knowledge, and more will be offering lectures to attendees during this year’s programme. The programme of activities this year will also include a number of site visits. Participants will have access to the new Resource Centre and Library with over 65, 0000 publications by using their MCAST Friends of the Library card .

Earlier this month, the Centre organised an Active Aging Café to brief prospective particpants about the upcoming programme.

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