MCAST and PwC Malta sign a Collaborative Agreement

September 30, 2022 Communications

The Malta College for Arts, Science, and Technology (MCAST) and PwC Malta (PwC) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), which will further strengthen the spirit of collaboration between the two organisations.

Through this new agreement, both parties will collaborate to design and review study programmes offered by the College. This partnership also aims to ensure the offering of more industry-relevant study programmes offered at MCAST.


MCAST Principal and CEO Professor Joachim James Calleja explained, “At MCAST, our strong collaborations with industry partners and understanding of future needs means our diverse courses are created with students’ careers in mind. We look forward to this collaboration with PwC as we continue our pro-active approach to build strong connections with the business world where teaching and learning activities have a professional and entrepreneurial focus.”

On its part, PwC has agreed to further increase its apprenticeships and internship opportunities to MCAST students. Additionally, a structured student summer programme to widen the hands-on approach experience of MCAST students will be launched. The College students will be able to gain industry experience with PwC.


Moreover, industry experts from PwC will also be delivering thematic lectures to MCAST students in diverse areas of expertise as may be requested by the College.

David Valenzia, PwC’s senior partner stated, “PwC believes that it is the responsibility of the industry to invest in the student population as the future of our society lies with its youth. We will continue to support students to the best of our ability, and, with MCAST, we are excited and look forward to working with both the educators and students, who are the workforce and leaders of tomorrow”.

MCAST has also agreed to design, furnish and equip a dedicated PwC space on campus. MCAST student organisations are also set to receive support from PwC.

This agreement and the strong ties established with PwC will continue to ensure that MCAST moves ahead in its quest to become an industry-driven educational institution and a community college for all.