MCAST places third in European Triple E Awards

August 31, 2022 Communications

The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) placed third in the 2022 European Awards on entrepreneurship and engagement excellence in higher education at an international competition for academic institutions, namely The Triple E Awards.

The awards were organised by the Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (ACEEU) during the 20th International Triple Helix Conference held at the University of Florence in Italy.

MCAST was represented by the management of the Applied Research and Innovation Centre (ARIC) within the college. Participants submitted an application within the category of the ‘Triple Helix Collaboration of the Year − Project Level’.

In its nomination, MCAST outlined its strength and work towards the special award dedicated to the Triple Helix collaboration cases. The nomination included research projects and outstanding outcomes undertaken over the past years within the EIT Climate-KIC Hub Malta & EIT Urban Mobility RIS HUB Malta implemented by ARIC at the college.

In its category, MCAST participated with other educational institutions including the following finalists: the Strascheg Centre for Entrepreneurship (Germany), the University of Stuttgart (Germany), the University of Strathclyde (UK), and the School of Engineering Jonkoping (Sweden).

The college’s deputy principal for research and innovation, Tatjana Chircop, said: “This award, at a European level, gives deserved credit to the applied research initiatives and collaborative projects which MCAST, through ARIC and various institutes, carries out with a number of stakeholders.

“Such collaborations are crucial within a reputable vocational college such as MCAST. Such projects ensure that research provides the basis for possible solutions to real-life issues. MCAST looks forward to continue working strategically on these lines to ensure quality collaborations and, ultimately, quality services to the community.”

Clifford De Raffaele, the MCAST director of ARIC, added: “This was the largest global event that is dedicated to bringing together leading scholars, policymakers and practitioners from different fields and sectors to advance the understanding of the dynamics between science, the social sector, industry and governmental institutions under the contemporary challenges. Therefore, it was exclusively important to represent MCAST at a highly reputable event so as to become a part of this prestigious network.”

The Triple E Awards are a global recognition of efforts towards the quest for entrepreneurship and engagement in higher education. Implemented regionally, the awards aim to foster change in universities and emphasise their role in their communities and ecosystems. Next to its focus on entrepreneurship and engagement, the 2022 European Triple E Awards put a spotlight on the Triple Helix collaborations, with universities, the government and industry working together to drive innovation and societal impacts.