New MCAST Centre for Learning and Employability

July 28, 2022 Communications

On the 14 July 2022, the Board of Governors within the Malta College for Arts, Science, and Technology (MCAST) approved a resolution for the set-up of the Centre for Learning and Employability, which is to replace the Learning Support Unit at the College.

The Centre will continue to build on the achievements of what was previously known as the Learning Support Unit. This unit was set up in order to offer support to students across MCAST’s institutes. Through tailor-made services, students are equipped with the necessary skills to become autonomous independent learners.

The Centre offers one-to-one support and small group mentoring to students in order to help them become high achievers. Among other student support services the Centre offers, vocational units support, assignment writing practice, academic and dissertation tutorials, research-related help, and holds workshops on study skills and time management.

The Centre for Learning and Employability aims to accommodate the current programme portfolio and give rise to new programmes. Importantly, the Centre aspires to develop further the range of personalised and group-targeted support services while ensuring more visibility of services and programmes in conjunction with the relocation to the new Resource Centre. Moreover, the Centre is focused on growing the College’s Third Age initiative and seeking new ways of reaching out to neighboring communities.