MCAST staff and students cycle to campus

May 6, 2022 Communications

MCAST’s Institute of Business Management and Commerce teamed up with MOVE, Transport Malta and the Road Safety Council to organise a bicycle bus event. With the theme, Cycle Your Way to MCAST, the event promoted health, environmental and social benefits. The initiative is part of the College’s initiatives to raise awareness of the need to invest in infrastructure to support alternative means of transport.

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Around 40 students and staff members joined forces and participated in this positive initiative. Cyclists met at different locations around Malta and peddled their way together to the College. Welding and fabrication students and lecturers from the Institute for Engineering and Transport also contributed to these efforts by building bicycle racks for the main campus in Paola.

MCAST’s Deputy Principal, Ronald Curmi, explained how this event “is part of the College’s efforts to develop and cultivate skills, attitudes, and values that empower MCAST’s community to become physically active citizens while supporting green initiatives for the betterment of the local community. We need to keep each other safe when we are on our roads. We are proud of the lecturers and students who champion improvement in sustainable modes of transportation and have made this their mission. ”

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Speaking after the participants’ arrival at the College, Transport Malta, Chairman and CEO Mr Joseph Bugeja said,  “It was a pleasure for us to support and collaborate with MCAST on such awareness-raising initiatives about road safety and alternative transport. Transport Malta strongly believes in training in the latest sustainable transportation systems, technologies and modalities. The authority has several exciting initiatives lined up as we continue to introduce the new emerging technologies in the transportation industry.”

Transport Malta sponsored the bicycle bus event by providing 1,500 Euros vouchers for the participants to purchase cycling-related equipment. Moreover, the authority donated one pedelec bike to the College.

The event is part of the global initiative ‘MOVE Week’, a recognised international week that aims to showcase the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle by encouraging physical activity and sports in our everyday lives.

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On behalf of MOVE, Director and Founder Cynthia Debono said, “We are overwhelmed by the support and participation. Seeing the participants today waiting for us along the way gives us encouragement and enthusiasm to continue with our mission. Our organisation on campus is creating safe spaces for youths to participate in physical activity through alternative activities in street sport.”