First cohort graduates in Semiconductor Manufacturing

April 4, 2022 Communications

Fourteen employees from STMicroelectronics were awarded the MCAST Diploma in Semiconductor Manufacturing during a graduation ceremony held at the College. This level three qualification is a specialised diploma in semiconductor manufacturing, the first to be organised in Malta.

Participants were trained in technical subjects that focus on the high technology processes involved in manufacturing microscale devices essential for the world’s semiconductor industry. The MCAST’s Institute of Engineering and Transport (IET) designed and delivered the programme specifically for STMicorelectorics employees. The company is a global chip-making company with established roots in Malta.


This course gave operators at the company the opportunity to reskill and upskill and improve their career prospects with the company.   MCAST and STMicroelectronics have established ongoing collaboration, particularly in training and development in engineering and electronics. In 2021, the first edition of the STMicroelectronics awards was organised to encourage excellence in engineering and encourage learners to further their studies at higher levels and subsequently find employment in electronics.


Speaking at the graduation ceremony, IET Director Ing. Stephen Sammut said, “Working with leading manufacturing companies ensures that our courses are industry oriented and focused on the application of scientific knowledge which can be applied at the workplace. We encourage employees to keep upskilling and learning and use practical, transferable skills such as teamwork, decision-making, problem-solving, and communications skills to enhance their employability.

Soo Lai Lim Senior Director of Operations at STMicroelectronics stated that he was, “delighted to be present and have the opportunity to meet and recognize in person the talented and promising employees who have taken the opportunity to evolve and take a new step forward in their career within ST Microelectronic Malta”. Mr Lim elaborated on the “challenge of creating high-tech products and implementing new technologies within STMicroelectronics industry. Such fast-growing industry needs even faster institution such as MCAST to provide with qualified and operational workforce”.