College Institute launches new “MCAST in the Hangar” Initiative

March 25, 2022 Communications

MCAST’s Institute of Engineering and Transport (IET) has launched a new initiative named “MCAST in the Hangar”. This initiative aims to expose students following aviation courses at the College to the latest aircraft technology.

This novel initiative is being launched in collaboration with top maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MROs) industry players. The Institute of Engineering and Transport (IET) has reached collaborative agreements with key aviation companies, namely, Lufthansa Technik, and Medavia.


Apart from their apprenticeship placements, students reading for MCAST aviation maintenance courses will also have the opportunity to follow some of their practical lectures inside the hangars of partner MROs. IET Director Ing. Stephen Sammut argued that this initiative is “part of the College’s drive to get closer to the aviation industry” he elaborated on how this take will transform the “MROs hangars into students’ laboratories”.

This initiative, coupled with the highly trained lecturer faculty at the Institute and the exceptional workshop set up on campus, will ensure that MCAST trainees are expertly trained and ready to take on challenges and opportunities the aviation maintenance industry presents.


On top of this, MCAST students benefit from obtaining dual certifications in aviation courses. These courses are a milestone for the industry as they provide alumni with an academic qualification in addition to their EASA certification. Other training providers do not always offer this kind of dual certification.

Currently, the Aviation Maintenance Centre within the Institute of Engineering and Transport offers a total of 6 aviation courses, two of which are level 3 Diplomas and the other four are level 4 Advanced Diplomas. Moreover, the Institute offers an online Master’s program (MSc) in Aerospace engineering and many other short courses for the industry including Camo, Continuing Airworthiness, and Part 66 Module 12 – Helicopter Aerodynamics, structures, and systems.

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