Donald Friggieri – An appreciation

February 15, 2022 Communications


Donald Friggieri, or as we all knew him ‘Mr Friggieri’, was a pioneer in the appreciation and study of Design in Malta and a true and passionate educator for over 30 years. He taught Design to several generations, which was his passion, a passion he would share fervently to his last days.

He started his career as a teacher in the seventies and was awarded a scholarship to Middlesex Polytechnic and obtained a BA (Hons.) in Three-Dimensional Design. In 1993 he was appointed Head of the Art and Design Centre, where he continued to instil a passion for Design through his leadership and management of this institution. In 2001, he was appointed the first Director of the MCAST Institute of Art and Design (Institute for the Creative Arts). He was instrumental in the smooth transition from the Art and Design Centre to the MCAST Institute of Art and Design in Mosta. He was then appointed Consultant to the Principal.

Mr Friggieri was a jovial and righteous man with a great sense of humour and great company to be around. He was disciplined yet at the same time fair and down-to-earth. He was well remembered for his words of wisdom. He was in love with knowledge, very well-read and could have a deep conversation about many subjects. He was also a prolific writer and an inspiration to many people, particularly the MCAST community.

Rest in peace, dear Mr Friggieri

Our sympathies to his beloved family.