MCAST Special February Intake Launched

January 10, 2022 Communications

The College offer Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) has launched a new February student intake for the first time. This special intake offers prospective students the chance to start following a full-time studies programme at the college.

This February student intake aims to provide students who missed out on joining the college in October 2021 with a second opportunity to join MCAST in February 2022. It will also help prospective students continue their educational journey and experience the MCAST environment before enrolling in different courses in October 2022.

During this intake, the offered courses range from Diploma in Transversal Skills to Generic Degrees. Students can choose between two study pathways, depending on their qualifications.

The first study pathway is aimed toward prospective students who hold 2 A levels and 2 Intermediate level certificates. Students can enroll for one of five different generic degrees on offer:


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (MQF Level 6)
  • Bachelor of Applied Business Studies (MQF Level 6)
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (MQF Level 6)
  • Bachelor of Community – Based Services Provision (MQF Level 6)
  • Bachelor of Applied Technology (MQF Level 6)

The second pathway offered during this Special February Intake is aimed toward students in possession of fewer qualifications required for the first pathway. Students wishing to enrol in the second study pathway will be given the opportunity to choose between one of two awards, depending on what qualifications they hold, namely:


  • MCAST Award in Transversal Skills (MQF Level 3)
  • MCAST Award in Advanced Transversal Skills (MQF Level 4)


Transversal skills help enhance students’ aptitude toward a wide range of study and work environments.

On condition of satisfying respective entry requirements, students following one of these two courses would be able to follow Advanced Diplomas in a wide variety of subjects during the October 2022/23 intake.

The advantage of enrolling for one of the Transversal Skills courses is that students would follow core study units offered in the Advanced Diplomas. Therefore, the student would be exempted from following these particular study units when following an Advanced Diploma in a later study stage.

Fore more information:

Call: 2398 7888 – between 08am and 2pm