Research work showcased at MCAST EXPO

December 22, 2021 Communications

Over 100 researchers showcased their work at the third edition of the MCAST Research and Innovation Expo held on 20 and 21 December 2021. MCAST has radically strengthened its research agenda recruiting 96 researchers over the past two years. This end of year event brings to a close the College’s 20th-anniversary celebrations.


The Applied Research and Innovation Centre (ARIC) organising this Expo focuses on stimulating and driving applied research and innovation amongst the College’s six Institutes, strengthening relationships with industry and local entities, and building new partnerships with international institutions. While the research encompasses a wide spectrum of fields and thematic areas, the collective aim of this research is to lead to business development, create transfer of knowledge, and develop prototypes. This work is at the centre of MCAST’s growth aspirations, guiding knowledge creation and dissemination across the College.

During his address at the Expo, Minister for Equality, Research and Innovation Owen Bonnici said “With research being so versatile within the College, MCAST has become a hub of research and innovation thanks to the various research funding schemes available, with researchers from all institutes coming together to carry out research work to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

Principal and CEO Professor Joachim James Calleja said: “This year was significant for MCAST as we launched our new strategic plan covering 2022-2027 and the first Research Doctorate in collaboration with the Chamber of SMEs and Richmond Foundation. Today’s event signalled MCAST’s strategic resolve to continue its support to research and innovation by engaging a wider spectrum of lecturing staff on specific research projects. Over these last three years, evidence shows that research at MCAST is diverse, applied, and focused on the needs of industry and the community. Research findings must have an applied standing with a potential impact on the quality of life of people.”

The abstract book published for the event shows a unique set of research topics that range from Maltese popular music to a study on dolphins, virtual-based teaching, boutique hotels, drones for agriculture, electric vehicles, climate and environmental risks for the Mediterranean ecosystems and telepresence robots in education among many other areas of research.

The research presentations are centred on four main themes, demonstrating the versatility within the College, Emerging Technology and Creative Innovation; Social well-being, Sports and Health; Quality Pedagogy and Effective Learning; Environmental and Cultural Sustainability.

All presentations are live on campus and online, allowing participants to attend and engage in questions and discussions through live-streaming, increasing the active attendance and involvement of lecturers, students, and industry partners.