Prof. Emeritus Cesare Barbieri visits MCAST

October 7, 2021 Communications

MCAST is honoured to host Prof. Emeritus Cesare Barbieri from the University of Padova on campus between the 5th and 11th of October 2021.

Apart from technical meetings, Prof. Barbieri will hold a seminar on Friday 8th October and a public speech on Monday 11th October. Together, MCAST Senior Lecturer Dr Leonardo Barilaro, and Prof. Barbieri will carry out a research related to a cooperative preliminary evaluation for interplanetary exploration, business opportunities and applications to the aerospace sector.

His visit will also see MCAST as co-organizer of an educational event for the general public. The event is about the topic of Cities of the Future, on Moon and Mars. This event is managed in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Center, and ADURIM, the association of Italian professors and researchers in Malta.

Prof. Emeritus Cesare Barbieri participated in several international space projects (among others Rosetta, Hubble Space Telescope and Giotto. He was influential in directing the design and construction of the Galileo National Telescope. Prof. Barbieri has been a visiting scientist and professor within various universities and scientific institutions in Europe, USA and Australia.

He is currently an effective member of various prestigious academic institutions including: the Accademia Galileiana Patavina, the Veneto Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts of the Scientific Committee of the School of Higher Studies’ G. Leopardi ‘of the University of Macerata, the Italian Astronomical Society, and the International Astronomical Union, of which he is also a founding member.