Important information for new students

September 29, 2021 Communications

We understand that when starting an academic journey on a new campus, things may get a bit complicated. Hereunder, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by new students at MCAST. This information will help you settle in at MCAST in double-quick time!

When will I know if I have been accepted at MCAST?

Applications closed on 20 September and the admissions office are finalizing all applications. The acceptance letters are being sent out as the applications are processed course by course. This process will be concluded by the 30th September. Acceptance offers for Forms B,C,D have all been sent.

When will I receive my time-table?

Students at levels 3 to 6 started lectures from, 4 October. You should have received the acceptance letter and timetable if you applied on time with all the required documents. If not, please check with your institute.

If you submitted a late application or did not submit all the required documents, your application is still being processed. Once your application is accepted, you will receive the timetable.

Students at levels 1 and 2 will start lessons from 11 October and will receive timetables in the coming days.

Will there be a meeting for new students?

Yes. New students will have scheduled meetings. The date and time of these meetings will be sent to you by email after you have received your acceptance letter. Check your MCAST email account and personal email account regularly.

Do I have to come on campus on the 4th of October?

Every student will receive communication from the respective institute as when to come on campus. Students are to regularly check their email as all communication is sent via the MCAST email. New students are advised to check their newly set up MCAST email alongside their personal email.

Will all lectures take place on campus?

As far as possible, and in line with health regulations, MCAST will be holding ALL lectures on campus.

Will unvaccinated students be allowed to attend campus?

So far unvaccinated students will also be allowed on campus but the college encourages all students to be vaccinated for their own safety and that of others.

Can I apply for a course after the 20th September closing date?

Late applications for courses starting this October will be accepted from Wednesday, 29 September, to Friday, 1 October. Applications will be open only for courses where places are still available.

The admissions office will process late applications and inform applicants if they have been accepted. Priority will be given to applications received by 20 September. Courses start from 4 October, and therefore this is the final opportunity to apply for this year’s programmes.

I applied for a course but would now like to change to another program. Can I do this?

Yes, you can request a change from one course to another. However, course changes will only be allowed as long as you apply for these changes within 2 weeks from the beginning of the program you firstly applied for.

Should I download the MCAST App?

Yes, you should. On the app you will find contact information for all MCAST departments and other useful information that you may need as you go along. The app can be downloaded from this link:

Where can I call if I need any assistance regarding lectures, study-units, timetables and other course related information?

If you encounter any problems of this sort please contact your Institute directly. All telephone numbers and email addresses are provided accordingly:

Institute of Applied Sciences:

Tel 23987801 Email

Centre for Agriculture, Aquatics and Animal Sciences:

Tel  23987341 Email

Institute for Creative Arts:

Tel  23987747 Email

Institute for Business Management & Commerce:

Tel  23987600 Email

Institute for Community Services:

Tel  23987552 Email

Institute of Information and Communication Technology:

Tel  23987350 Email

Institute of Engineering and Transport:

Tel  23987705 Email

Centre for Maritime Studies:

Tel  23987765 Email

Building and Construction Engineering:

Tel  23987937 Email

Mechanical Engineering:

Tel  23987450 Email

Electrical & Electronics:

Tel  23987705 Email

Automotive & Foundation Courses:

Tel  23987707 Email

Gozo Campus:

Tel  23987667 Email

Stipends Office:

Tel: 153  Email

When will induction meetings take place?

Respective dates and time of when and where induction meetings, shall take place, will be sent to you via your respective Institute in a timely manner.