MCAST Students Finally Celebrate their Success

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Learning support educators are front liners in our education system

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Around 130 graduates obtained their Higher Certificate in Inclusive Education awarded during the graduation ceremonies held at MCAST on 14 September. This was qualification is needed for Learning Support Educators to progress in their career. Minister for Education Justyne Caruana, and the President of the Board of Governors, Professor Ian Refalo, were present for this ceremony.

Over the past week, MCAST has begun to bring back in-person graduation ceremonies for the first time since COVID-19 restrictions in March 2020. This was a relief for students whose campus life was disrupted for the past eighteen months. The College held its first ceremony on Friday, 10 September, at the Paola Campus, following health authority regulations for organised events. About 2,500 graduands will celebrate their success in a series of 12 ceremonies organised by the College.

During the ceremony, student representative Rosalie Camilleri spoke about the challenges for adult learners who found a second chance opportunity at MCAST to continue their studies. “We have come a long way, and we have shown resilience at an unprecedented time when we were suddenly faced with lock-downs and several setbacks. It was a long journey and yet we showed resilience and found full support to keep persisting. We now eagerly take on this commitment to help each student in their learning.”

Addressing the graduates, Principal and CEO Professor Joachim James Calleja said: “We know that Graduation Day is such a significant life event. You have already missed out on many events, and we wanted to pay tribute to your enormous efforts. Ours is a College for the community. In your profession as a learning support educators, you will contribute greatly to society and those students who need your support, honesty and integrity. You are front liners in our education system.”

In the closing speech, Minister Caruana emphasised the relevance of inclusive education. “MCAST offers the opportunity for all to progress from one step to the next. You have acquired important skills. This day marks your achievements and should also encourage you to keep progressing in your studies and career. Inclusive education is about ensuring that no one is left behind. In your crucial role as educators, you will help in making sure that everyone has access to education and reaches their full potential. The education reform is about recognising the importance of your profession and ensuring that we provide all the support needed for you and your learners to succeed.”

All ceremonies are being streamed live on

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