Masonry heritage skills students bring Medieval Chapel back to life

July 26, 2021 Communications

Foundation students following the Diploma in Masonry Heritage Skills at MCAST helped in the restoration of the St Catherine’s 17th century Chapel in Gudja.

The exceptional restoration work carried out by the students, helped bring to life a Chapel dating back to the 1600s, which was in dire need of a restoration and conservation intervention. This workmanship ensured that future generations will be able to witness a part of our long-standing local heritage dating to the era of the Great Siege of 1565.

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The benefit of working on this project was dual. Firstly, this opportunity allowed our students following the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Masonry Heritage Skills to do practical work related to the conservation of local heritage. Secondly, MCAST provided a helping hand to the Gudja community by preserving their local heritage.

zigli 13Director of the Institute of Engineering and Transport Ing. Stephen Sammut argued, “that these talented students were considered drop outs a year ago and have now restored a historical vernacular chapel, saving Maltese heritage in the process.”

The final restoration result showcases the students’ skills, dedication and talent in preserving what has been left to us to protect for future generations.