The 2021 IBMC Fexserv Awards Ceremony

July 20, 2021 Communications No comments exist

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The Covid-19 pandemic has created many challenges in our everyday life. Education is one of the industries which was immensely affected by this pandemic. This did not hinder the success of MCAST’s Financial Services Degree students.

For the third consecutive year, Fexserv Fund Services Limited, one f the leading and most established companies in financial and investment services, have proudly sponsored an award ceremony at the Institute of Business Management and Commence.

This year’s first placed student was Sarah Pisani, followed by Braxton Borg winning the second-place award. A third award was given for the best dissertation which was achieved by Christabelle Debono. In her study Christabel sought to understand the cost of cash and cheque usage for local small and medium enterprises.

The Director of Institute of Business Management and Commerce at MCAST, Mr. Andrew Galea stated that such events are key to bring the Financial Services industry to the classroom ensuring that the courses offered at MCAST remain valid and relevant for the workplace.

The IBMC is proud to provide its students with unique learning platforms which bring hands on experiences in learning. Which as Mr. Andrew Galea correctly highlighted is the way forward in education and relevance within the industry. Students at IBMC can start off their studies at level 4 by following the Advanced Diploma in Financial services, with the option to either specialise in Finance or Insurance. At a higher level, students can also further their studies by reading for the Bachelor’s in Science of Financial Services Management which opens an array of opportunities for the students in the workplace.

MCAST embraces the importance of bridging the gap between the workplace and the classroom, in fact as part of their compulsory study units, students following any course in financial services need to enrol in an apprenticeship position or an internship position depending on the course chosen.

An immense appreciation goes to Ms. Anabel Mifsud Managing Director of Fexserv Fund Services and Mr. Lawrence Buttigieg, Group Chief Executive Officer for believing in MCAST and our students.

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