New Developments – MCAST statement on MUT directive

June 18, 2021 Communications

Updated 18 June 2021

Further to the statement issued on 17 June, MCAST and MUT have agreed to continue with mediated negotiations to resolve the current dispute. MCAST looks forward to open dialogue to resolve the situation for the benefit of staff and students.

17 June 2021

Reference is made to the trade dispute by MUT and the conciliation meeting held at the Department for Industrial and Employment Relations (DIER) on 16 June. MCAST notes with disappointment that the Union has not withdrawn the directive, which is disproportionate to its claims against the operations of the College’s management. The directive denies students the right to receive their results and prevents lecturing staff from finishing a challenging year.

The DIER held a conciliation meeting in which both parties attended the meeting to come together and move forward. During the meeting, MCAST, with the help of the Conciliator, proposed the following:

  • The collective agreement for managers, which is already signed from MCAST’s side, is to be signed by MUT together with a side agreement (a copy of which is being uploaded for information) binding both sides to resume talks. The Union refused to commit to moving forward on all issues.
  • Within two days from the conciliation meeting, both parties to agree on an independent mediator to discuss further any other disagreements.
  • Continuation of dialogue on all other claims, most of which depend on the College receiving feedback from the Union.
  • MUT to immediately suspend the directive.

The Union did not accept the reasonable request by the College for the directive to be suspended during the conciliation meeting to promote positive industrial relations and resume negotiations.

MCAST reiterates that it is ready to resume discussions cordially and respectfully as long as the directive is suspended and students receive their results.

MCAST Signed Document