First Remote Sensing Hackathon launched at MCAST

June 11, 2021 Communications

On Friday 11th June 2021, the Institute of Information & Communication Technology at MCAST organised its first Remote Sensing hackathon, named, RemSen 21.

RemSen 21 participants followed a 3-month training course, learning how to use satellite data obtained from the European Space Agency, Copernicus. This data is pivotal in researching events that may impact environmental and climate change scenarios within the Maltese Islands.

During the seminar participants presented research on diverse topics, while collaborators explained their interest in Remote Sensing Technology. Moreover, domain experts among the attendees shared their vast experience and knowledge on various environmental topics.

RemSen 21 proved to be very informative and served as a networking occasion for all those interested in this topic. This knowledge-sharing event will be held annually.

The launch was supported by collaborators including, the Environment and Resource Authority, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, EIC, KIC Malta and e-Skills Foundation.