MCAST ICA Festival 2021

June 4, 2021 Communications



The MCAST ICA Festival, which is now in its 5th edition, will be held for three weeks  starting 2 July and will be hosted at Spazju Kreattiv as it was two years ago. It will  primarily feature work by final-year BA students from MCAST’s Institute for the  Creative Arts and will be an opportunity for them to showcase their work while also  interacting with industry stakeholders.

This edition of the MCAST ICA Festival is called ‘Diversify’, and it is aimed to have a  positive feel to it, giving people hope for a better future. Its main goal is to highlight the students’ diversity found within the institute through various projects. The diverse areas featuring in this edition are creative media production, fashion, fine  arts, game art and visual design, graphic design, interactive media, journalism,  performing arts, photography, product design and spatial design. There will be various  departmental events with stakeholders almost every day for the first week during the  festival.

The main sponsors of this event are Arts Council Malta and Spazju Kreattiv. To  complement such sponsorship, recently, a crowdfunding campaign was launched with  merchandise designed by the creative arts students to support their stands. This  campaign is also aimed to create interest in the actual July event and the  complementary preceding events, which will be taking place in MCAST Paola and Mosta  starting from 12 June.

MCAST’s Institute for the Creative Arts, which operates from Mosta, offers full-time and  part-time vocational education and training in a broad range of areas of study, which,  apart from cultural heritage skills, feature in the MCAST ICA Festival. The levels at  which this formation is provided ranges from Levels 1 to Level 7, thus attracting  school-leavers, those who have completed post-secondary education, and graduates,  together with mature students. The MCAST ICA Festival will also serve as an  opportunity to provide career guidance to prospective students of ICA and MCAST at large.

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