Research Symposium on Learning Journeys

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ESF 02.058 Adding Value: Nurturing Learning Journeys in IVET at MCAST

MCAST researchers shared initial findings which are part of an EU Funded project entitled Adding Value: Nurturing Learning Journeys in IVET at MCAST. The findings were shared during a research symposium held at MCAST where the various research components were discussed. These include:

1. Barriers and challenges that students find throughout their learning journey
2. Effectiveness of gamified curriculum at post-secondary level
3. Skills needed by industry at a very basic level
4. The effectiveness of student mentoring service on an individual basis as a support mechanism

Addressing the symposium , the project leader Dr Tatjana Chircop, Deputy Principal for Arts and Social Sciences said: “The aim of this project is that of setting up state-of-the-art support structures for students and individuals belonging to vulnerable groups. We want to identify the typical barriers to training which socially excluded individuals encounter. As a result of this exercise, MCAST will be able to take evidence-based decisions to create structures that support for vulnerable students while they are following courses up to MQF Level 3.”

The project also includes development of innovative technologies for learning which aim at making learning more fun. A platform called the OTIS platform (Operational Tools and Information System) is being developed. This is an IT system which will enhance students’ educational experience by using technologies that are similar to those that young people use regularly in their everyday life. Moreover, elements of AR and VR will also be explored in a number of courses.

In parallel, another system will be developed which will enable professionals and students to identify their interests, strengths and weaknesses, empowering students to gradually develop their own learning journey.

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