Prospectus available at all local councils and schools

May 11, 2021 Communications

The MCAST prospectus has now been distributed in all 68 local councils in Malta and Gozo. It has also been delivered to over 50 schools and community centres. The prospectus and the selection of 190 courses can also be viewed online. The prospectus also includes information about 15 courses at Master’s level offered by the College.

MCAST has always provided an education that extends beyond the classroom curriculum with the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognised qualification. New programmes have been added to the list of courses, so the set-up aims to address the specific need of individual learners at the different course levels while providing a seamless progression.

The vibrant publication is the first publication to include the College’s newly launched emblem and rebranding. It provides information about each of our six institutes and the Gozo Campus, course descriptions of each programme, entry requirements and career pathways. It is an essential tool for anyone who is looking for learning opportunities.

Collect your copy and contact our career guidance team for help with making the right choice.