Giving back to the community

April 27, 2021 Communications


Students at the MCAST Centre of Agriculture, Aquatics and Animal Sciences are harvesting vegetables at the Centre and are donating them to Soup Kitchen OFM – Valletta. Lecturer John Galea is leading this initiative.

The Soup Kitchen organises initiatives to address the basic needs of those in need with good healthy food. This objective complements MCAST’s aim to collaborate with various organisations to provide learners with the opportunity to enrich their studies and engage in experiences that lead to personal growth.

As Malta’s major education institution specialising in agriculture, aquatic & animal sciences, the Centre provides horticulture, animal care and management, and fish management training. The horticulture courses prepare students for careers in the management and care of nurseries, garden design, landscaping and cash crops. In the animal care programmes, you can gain experience in the care and management of domestic, exotic and farm animals.

The fish management training options target the skills required in aquaculture, fisheries and other related subjects. Students benefit from practical experiences in laboratories, adjacent cultivated fields, and professionally equipped sheds where different animals are kept. Most courses also include work placements with local companies operating within this sector.